Active Ears Can Cause Sleepless Nights

Active Ears Can Cause Sleepless Nights

Have you ever noticed how sleepy you are throughout the day, while you always seem to have trouble falling asleep at night? It’s the most paradoxical thing, and yet it is a common occurrence in America. Almost 40% of Americans report having insufficient sleep, which results in massive costs in purchasing sleep aids and other sleep-related accessories each year. Lack of sleep can result in serious health problems like depression, obesity, and even cardiovascular disease.

The problem with our ears is that unlike our eyes which we can close, we have no effective way to shut down our ears! No matter where we are and what we are doing, we are hearing sounds whether we want to or not. Be it the ticking clock or the sound of our partner snoring, our ears get no rest even while we sleep. This may be the fundamental reason behind our lack of restful sleep.

Thankfully, even though we live in a noisy world full of late night traffic and loud neighbors, we can steal some restful sleep with the help of earplugs. Purchase a pair of customized earplugs to help you block those annoying sounds of the loud streets of busy urban areas.

You can also choose to download some applications that play soothing ambient sounds such as the sound of waves or simple white noise. These sounds have been shown to improve the quality of sleep by exposing your ears to calmer, peaceful sounds that help you relax.

In rare occasions, some people find it difficult to sleep when it is too quiet! Have you ever noticed how you fall asleep with the television on while waking up suddenly when your partner switches off the TV? Your body may need a certain amount of noise level in order to fall asleep, which is another reason to download those soothing ambient sounds. You may even find the sound of a loudly ticking clock to your liking as the rhythmic ticking may help you fall asleep.

All of us are unique and different in our preferences. What works for one may not necessarily work for the other, so find the level of sound that you find restful. Strive towards being regular in your ambient sound level and create a bedtime routine to get your body to wind down and get ready for sleep. Activities like brushing your teeth and combing your hair may help signal your body and mind that it’s time for bed.

Even if the noise outside subsides the noise within us may sometimes continue to keep us awake. Take a moment to tune in to your thoughts which may be just as noisy as the noises outside, if not more! Practice deep breathing, guided imagery, and relaxation exercises to help your mind let go of all the thoughts and worries of the day. This will help you relax so that you can fall into a deep, restful sleep. Sweet dreams!

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