Deciphering Your Hearing Test Results

Deciphering Your Hearing Test Results

You may have had a nagging sensation that you are facing some sort of hearing difficulty. Do not delay and take a hearing test with an audiologist today. After the hearing test, you can discuss your test results with your hearing aid specialist who will help guide you and enable you to choose the right hearing aid option for you. Take a moment to understand what your hearing test results truly mean.

During a hearing test, the results are noted in an audiogram which displays the various results of the tests that were conducted. These results are reflected in charts that depict your audible volume extent, distinguishable pitch, and the range of your current hearing. Sound is measured using decibels (dB). A regular conversation usually measures around 60 to 70 dB, and the hearing test measures your hearing ability based on the dB volume and pitch you were successfully able to hear and distinguish. Frequency, which is measured in Hertz (Hz) will also be depicted in your hearing test results.

Your results will also depict the severity of your hearing impairment in each individual ear so that you can compare the extent of your hearing impairment in both ears with the help of your audiologist. If your graph depicts same lines for both ears, your hearing impairment is symmetrical, while differing lines indicate that you may be witnessing asymmetrical hearing deficiency, or unilateral deafness.

A person with normal hearing is successfully able to hear quiet sounds ranging between 10-25dB. If you are unable to hear sounds that exceed than this range, you most likely have hearing impairment. People with the most extensive hearing loss are often unable to hear sounds that generally deteriorate normal hearing.

When you obtain your test results, it is important to stay calm. Let your audiologist walk you through your test results and explain the meaning of each result. There is no need to panic since no matter how bad your hearing impairment, you always have options. If you feel you need moral support, bring a friend or relative along so that they can help support you as well as help you understand your results better. Two sets of ears are always better than one!

Even if you are diagnosed with a severe hearing loss, don’t lose hope. Be positive and realize that this is an opportunity towards improving your hearing deficiency. Now that you are aware about the intensity of your hearing difficulty, you can explore your options and enhance your future through the use of digital hearing aids. Moreover, with modern technology you can also opt for invisible hearing devices that are discreet yet have high performance. Your hearing loss can be a stepping stone to a world of hearing opportunities, if you seek attention in time.

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