Depression Due to Hearing Loss

Depression Due to Hearing Loss

Hearing loss damages not only one of the major senses of the body, but also results in other detrimental effects. Over time, the constant strain to decipher speech and try to fit into fast-paced conversations can result in a sense of feeling left out or isolated. You may begin to withdraw from social situations and ruminate on your hearing loss as you struggle to remain an active member of the household conversations.

With the constant burden of struggling to hear, you may feel disconnected from those around you since no one appears to understand the trouble you might be experiencing. You may even be mocked or ridiculed due to your hearing problem, making you feel hurt and unwanted. People may begin to avoid having conversations with you which would increase your sense of seclusion and lead to depression.

Hearing problems pose a challenge when it comes to maintaining healthy personal relationships. Your partner may get frustrated with your inability to communicate effectively. Your marital relationship may suffer as a result and your friends and relatives may also become overwhelmed at constantly having to repeat themselves.

The accumulation of problems resulting from loss of hearing often leads to clinical depression. Disrupted family relations, social isolation, and lack of social support can decrease your self-esteem and increase your sense of loneliness and sorrow.

The National Council on the Aging (NCOA) conducted a study that found that untreated hearing impairment leads to a significantly higher rate of developing depression, anxiety, and paranoia resulting from diminished social interaction and lack of social support. Luckily, hearing loss does not need to disrupt your life so severely.

With changes in modern technology hearing loss is a problem of the past. Treat your hearing loss today with the use of hearing aids, since people with untreated hearing loss have significantly higher degrees of depression. Wearing hearing aids can help you regain your lost sense of communication and restore your hearing to a level that enables you to become an active member of your family once more.

No longer do you need to shy away from social gatherings or official meetings. You can regain your sense of confidence and well-being by wearing hearing aids to rectify your hearing problem. Enhance your quality of life and kiss the chances of developing depression goodbye through the use of hearing aids.

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