Driving With Hearing Impairment

Driving With Hearing Impairment

People suffering from a hearing impairment may need to take extra care while driving for the sake of their own safety as well as the safety of those around them.

It is important not to presume that every ambulance or truck will make loud sounds, more so when it comes to residential environments or after it has passed a certain time of day. When the sirens or horns no longer provide you with loud sound cues, rely on your other senses such as your rearview mirror, to create a better sense of the cars around you.

People often assume that their eyes will give them all the information they need while driving. However, your eyesight is limited when you are constantly looking in front of you, so make sure you turn your head to see everything around you so that you do not miss out on vital visual information.

Entertainment can be fun, but costly, when it comes to paying with your life. This is why it is imperative to keep your concentration on the road while driving at intersections without the added distractions of music on the radio or your personal audio device.

Hearing loss can be challenging even without the added distraction of having to stay in constant touch via electronic devices. Let texting take a back seat while driving and make sure to hit “ignore” when a call comes in during your drive. You can always call back later.

People with hearing aids often do not wear them. Hearing loss is not the only loss that occurs when you choose to neglect wearing your hearing aids while driving. Make sure you get into the habit of always wearing your hearing aids so that you can drive to the best of your ability and not let hearing loss impede on your pleasant driving experience.

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