Growing Accustomed to Hearing Devices

Growing Accustomed to Hearing Devices

Hearing aids require an adjustment period so that you can slowly begin to enjoy the enhanced world of sound that is now audible to you. You may feel like you are suddenly able to hear too many sounds at once and this bombardment of sound can be overwhelming and disorienting.

Your hearing device may initially pick up extraneous sounds that can be adjusted over time by your hearing device specialist. Over time you will slowly begin to focus more on the sounds you wish to hear and slowly learn to tune out the background noise.

The best way to grow accustomed to your new hearing aids is by gradually increasing your duration of wearing the hearing aids. Ask your audiologist about the environmental settings that are recommended for you to wear your hearing aids in, so that you can help adapt to your device faster. Be patient with yourself and give yourself a short break once in a while to help recover from the constant bombardment of sound. If you face any continued form of discomfort, let your hearing aid specialist know so that they can assist you in rectifying them.

Take your time in selecting your hearing device and work closely with your hearing aid specialist to find the hearing aid that is best suited for your individual needs. Make sure your device is a comfortable fit to enhance your adjustment capacity.

Your audiologist is professionally trained to deal with the psychological problems you may experience while adapting to your new hearing aid. Make sure you discuss your concerns openly with your audiologist so that they can help guide you through this new phase of your life.

Alternatively, you can seek support through an online support groups going through similar hearing issues and adjustment concerns such as yourself. Exchange your experiences and coping mechanisms to help others and yourself through this time of change to help ease your transition back into the hearing world.

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