Hearing Aids are Effective Treatment for Hearing Loss

Hearing Aids are Effective Treatment for Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is the third most prevalent health condition in the United States, following cardiovascular disease and arthritis. With its prevalence, one would think that prescribing hearing aids for hearing loss would be a priority, but unfortunately this is not the case.

Thankfully, due to the rise in hearing loss rates, people are becoming increasingly aware of its dangers and are beginning to take it seriously. It is now advisable for general practitioners to recommend hearing devices the moment they diagnose early signs of hearing loss.

Loss of hearing not only affects one’s ability to hear, it affects their entire life. People with hearing loss are at risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and dementia. They are also at risk of sustaining injuries due to loss of balance. Furthermore, even their mental health is compromised since they are at a greater risk for anxiety and depression. With so many health risks caused due to hearing loss, it is recommended that doctors prescribe hearing devices when they discover that hearing loss significantly impacts their patient’s life in a negative manner.

Only those with hearing loss truly know what it is like to live with it. This is why not many people may be enthusiastic about prescribing or being prescribed hearing aids. However, getting hearing aids truly helps improve a hearing impaired person’s life for the better.

Hearing aid users report far greater satisfaction and happiness in their lives. They report stronger, happier interpersonal relationships due to improvements in communication. They also show significant increase in cognitive skills compared to those with untreated hearing loss.

Loss of hearing interferes with your sense of balance, and obtaining hearing aids helps decrease your risk of sustaining injuries due to falling. Hearing aids were found to help improve one’s sense of equilibrium, thereby reducing the chances of falling down. These findings were published by the National Institute on Aging, based on findings by the Johns Hopkins University.

Hearing loss places an immense burden on the brain, and over time this can lead to dementia and even Alzheimer’s. Those with hearing aids were found to have a significant reduction in cognitive load which helps to improve their cognitive skills, compared to those with untreated hearing loss.

Your ability to earn takes a drastic fall when you have untreated hearing loss. This leads to significant loss of income each year. You can avoid this loss by simply investing in a pair of hearing aids that will help you work more efficiently in the workplace.

Hearing loss is a significant problem, and hearing aids are quite obviously the most effective mode of treatment. It is time that medical professionals took steps to intervene and help restore a sense of normalcy and fulfillment in their patient’s life by prescribing hearing devices.

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