Hearing Aids for Better Hearing

Hearing Aids for Better Hearing

People often wonder whether using hearing aids really does help someone hear better. The absolute one word answer for that is yes. Annual hearing tests can be nerve-wracking for those with hearing loss or Tinnitus. Curious users of hearing aids have found that when they test their hearing wearing their hearing aids, they tend to hear and understand speech a lot better than when they test their hearing without their hearing aids on.

Testing one’s hearing wearing hearing aids versus not wearing them gives you the ultimate proof you need regarding how effective hearing aids really are. Even though audiologists are often reluctant to let users test their hearing using hearing aids since it might negate the results, people have found that the words used during the hearing test sound clearer and are easier to decipher when wearing a hearing aid, while similar-sounding words are often misconstrued without the use of hearing aids. The users of hearing aids claim that they are able to successfully hear sounds that are 20 to 25 decibels softer when wearing their hearing aids during a hearing test.

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