Hearing Loss Diminishes Cognitive Skills

Hearing Loss Diminishes Cognitive Skills

People are slowly becoming aware of the harmful effects that hearing loss has on mental acuity. Psychological experts refer to mental acuity as the prowess of cognitive skills. This includes various aspects of cognitive functioning such as memory, attention, comprehension, language, and communication skills.

Hearing loss has been shown in numerous research studies to be related to cognitive decline which can result in dementia. As such, hearing loss has been found to be one of the leading factors that result in diminished cognitive functioning.

A recent study from Johns Hopkins University examined 2,000 participants over a 6 year time period. The results indicated that those who had hearing loss had a 30-40% quicker decline in cognitive skills compared to those who had normal hearing.

Another study found that those with hearing loss had a significantly higher chance of developing dementia than those who had regular hearing. Additionally, those who had hearing loss also reported having increased levels of sadness, stress, as well as depression.

People with hearing loss were shown in another study to be more prone to sustaining injuries and being hospitalized due to falling down as a result of loss of balance.

Yet another study reported that those who had severe forms of hearing loss had a five times increased likelihood of reporting symptoms consistent with dementia.

The link between hearing loss and cognitive decline has been shown in numerous studies not only in America but across the globe. Studies in the UK, Italy, Netherlands, and other countries have also found similar results that suggest that hearing loss leads to cognitive deterioration.

Although hearing loss does not often get the attention it needs, people generally take more notice of health issues such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. As such, it is important to seek timely treatment for hearing loss if for nothing else then to uphold the preservation of cognitive skills.

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