Hearing Loss May be the Reason Behind your Memory Problems

Hearing Loss May be the Reason Behind your Memory Problems

We often blame our failing memory each time we get yelled at by others for no completing a chore. We may miss out on instructions every now and then at work, and think that our memory simply isn’t what it used to be. The truth is that our memory may not be to blame at all. In fact, it may be hearing loss.

A recent study from the Journal of Aging explored the idea that people who believe they have memory loss may actually be suffering from hearing damage.

It was found in the study that 56% of those who had hearing loss also had memory problems. However, only 20% of the hearing impaired participants used hearing aids to rectify their hearing loss. Furthermore, when their cognitive abilities were examined, those with hearing loss did not seem to demonstrate any verifiable cognitive deterioration that could account for their memory problems.

This indicates that people with untreated hearing loss tend to blame memory difficulties to account for faults that may be better attributed to hearing loss. It is quite obvious that we cannot remember things that we never heard in the first place. It can sometimes be easier to let our memory take the blame rather than face the reality of hearing loss. However, the many negative consequences of untreated hearing loss should encourage every person to take their hearing health into their own hands.

Hearing loss is a common occurrence for the elderly population, with 50% of people aged over 75 being affected by some form of hearing loss. Hearing loss can result in injuries due to falling, dementia, cardiovascular disease, and even depression. Our relationships with others may suffer due to hearing loss as well. Our healthcare costs rise while our earning capacity dips drastically

due to hearing loss. With so much at stake, it is time to take good care of our hearing while we still have it. If you or someone you love shows signs of hearing loss, make sure you get your hearing examined by a hearing care professional.

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