Maintaining Your Hearing Devices

Maintaining Your Hearing Devices

Hearing devices like any other device are prone to the wear and tear of daily use. As such it is important to take good care of them to maintain their optimum auditory abilities. This includes daily cleaning as well as regular maintenance services to rectify any malfunctions.

People often miss out on the more obvious solutions when it comes to hearing aid problems. If your hearing device appears to have stopped working suddenly or works only intermittently, first ensure that the batteries are working properly. If you find that your hearing device is not as loud as it used to be, check for any blockage within the receiver tube that needs to be cleaned.

Hearing aids are placed within the ears, which puts them at risk of being exposed to earwax as well as oil, dirt, and dust. Make sure you regularly clean your hearing aids using the cleaning kit that you received when you purchased your hearing aids. These kits contain tools such as a brush, a loop, and a cleaning wand that are usually sufficient in cleaning out daily accumulation of earwax or dirt on the hearing aids.

Keeping your hearing aids working in proper condition means keeping them nice and dry so that their battery works at an optimal level. You can do this by wiping down your hearing aids each night with a gentle, dry cloth and leaving them out on a dry towel when you sleep. Do NOT use any water or water-based cleaning solutions since this can cause your hearing aids to malfunction.

Maintaining your hearing aids also involves keeping them stored in a secure, dry place when they are not in use. Make sure that they do not come into direct contact with moisture or heat. Using a dehumidifying box to store your hearing aids can keep them nice and dry and absorb any unnecessary moisture that could corrode the delicate circuitry or your hearing device.

To prevent any damage from occurring to your hearing aids, it is best to remove them before you step into the shower or go swimming. Also refrain from using your hearing aids when using hair sprays or other cosmetics that could cause the hearing aid to malfunction. Make sure to remove your hearing aids before using a hair dryer. These simple solutions can help save you time and money spent on costly repairs or replacements and keep your hearing aids functioning at their optimal level for a longer period of time.

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