Preparing Yourself to Travel with Your Hearing Device

Preparing Yourself to Travel with Your Hearing Device

The summer vacations are here and it is time to pick an exotic destination where you want to spend these warm, sunny days relaxing in the sun. Americans in general, are particularly fond of travelling and an AARP study reports that Baby Boomers might take as many as 4 to 5 recreational trips this year itself.

The above study reported that 49% of Baby Boomers wished to travel to a peaceful beach resort, while 57% wished to spend quality time with friends and loved ones on road trips. As much as 51% of participants plan to travel internationally while 49% expect to have domestic travels as their holiday plans. The most popular holiday destinations for these Baby Boomers seem to be Europe and the Caribbean.

Although going on vacation sounds exciting, it may be challenging for those with hearing damage. If you wear hearing aids for your hearing loss, it can take a while to get everything prepared in order to go on your trip. With a bit of organization, planning and precautions, you can enjoy your vacation with ease and comfort without worrying about your hearing loss or hearing aids.

None of us want to be caught off guard in a foreign land without hearing aids. This could be almost as bad as losing an essential item, such as your wallet or even your passport! This is why it is important to plan ahead and take all your hearing equipment with you to make the most out of your trip.

When you are packing for your trip, make sure to pack a spare pair of hearing devices if you have them. This can really come in handy in case the ones you are wearing decide to suddenly stop working, or in case they are damaged or lost.

Always pack extra hearing aid batteries and other parts such as plastic tubing and hearing aid tips. Also pack a dehumidifier or a drying jar so that you can eliminate any trapped moisture you’re your hearing aids.

It is essential to carry your hearing aid cleaning tool kit with you. Always remember to clean out your hearing aids each night before going to bed to get rid of any sweat, dirt, or moisture. Remember to pack all your hearing aid equipment in a protective air tight case where you can store them safely while on vacation.

If you are concerned whether your hearing aids will cause troubles at security check points at airports, do not worry. Not only is all hearing aid equipment allowed, it is actually encouraged! Always wear your hearing aids when you are at the airport so that you can hear essential announcements about your flight.

You do not need to remove any hearing devices at security check points. You may, however, be required to have some additional screening done in order to inspect your hearing device.

Always carry your hearing aids-related accessories with you in your carry-on luggage. This will prevent them from being lost in case your suitcase never makes it to your destination. This will also enable you to have all your essential hearing equipment on hand should you need anything during your flight.

You do not need to remove or shut off your hearing aids during take-off or landing. These devices do not count as other electronic devices such as phones or laptops which do need to be switched off. Always wear your hearing aids throughout the duration of your flight.

Airplanes can get noisy and you may be tempted to simply turn off your hearing aids just to get away from the noisy engines or chattering passengers. You can simply choose to turn on the noise reduction feature that is present on most hearing aids, which will enable you to keep the background noise to a minimum. Have a pleasant flight and a wonderful vacation!

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