Using Headphones Safely to Prevent Hearing Loss

Using Headphones Safely to Prevent Hearing Loss

Headphones and earphones were sold at a massive rate this past year. The total number of approximate headphones and earphones sold in the worldwide market amounted to around 334 million! There is someone in the world buying a headphone right now as you read this article. Due to the prevalent use of headphones and earphones, it is important to practice safe usage procedures to avoid hearing loss.

Prolonged exposure to loud levels of noise is a major cause of hearing impairment in young adults and even children. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention stated that up to 16% of teenagers in the United States suffer from some type of preventable hearing impairment. Noise is a part of our daily lives, but so much of the hearing loss that occurs is a result of negligence and misuse of daily objects.

We all love listening to music, and generally speaking no one likes to listen to it at a low volume. The blasting speakers with blaring music provide an adrenaline rush and make us feel free, but they also cost us our hearing. This is why it is important to practice safe hearing methods to prevent hearing loss, which is an irreversible condition.

When it comes to using headphones, it is better to choose headphones and earphones that go over the ears as opposed to earbuds that are placed directly into the ear canal. Always buy headphones that have a predefined decibel limit which does not exceed 85dB. This limit should be further decreased to 65dB or lower for kids less than 13 years of age. Special headphones are available that are designed to protect the delicate ears of young children to prevent hearing loss.

Several phones as well as personal audio devices or tablets come with the capacity to program a limit to the volume you can increase your device up to. Educating your children about safe limits of sound can help them maintain their personal audio device within safe limits.

As a general rule, it is recommended that you follow the 60/60 rule when it comes to safe listening practices. This means that in any given day, your child can listen to music or videos on their headphones for 60 minutes at a maximum of 60% of the available volume.

Even though hearing loss is preventable, once you have it, there is nothing you can do to reverse it. In fact, around 20% of people in America have some type of hearing impairment. Even for those with hearing loss, headphones can be a savior and help you meet your specific hearing requirements.

People with hearing loss would benefit from finding headphones that have bone-conduction capabilities. This enables sound vibrations to travel from the jawbones as well as cheekbones (instead of the ears) directly to the brain. You would also benefit from headphones that have noise-cancellation abilities so that you do not have interference from background noises. Additionally, headphones that have a cord would be more helpful than wireless ones. Hearing loss is preventable, so take proactive steps to ensure safe hearing practices to enjoy your sense of hearing for all your years to come.

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