Wear Two Hearing Aids Instead of One

Wear Two Hearing Aids Instead of One

When we think of hearing loss, we generally think that we lose hearing at equal levels in both ears. However, this is not generally the case. We often have a “good ear” where one of the ears can hear better than the other. This ear is often the one that we rely on when having conversations.

If we do not lose hearing equally on both sides, does this then mean that you should not get two hearing aids? Some people may want to simply purchase one hearing aid just to give their “bad ear” a boost. This can be a bad idea for a number of reasons.

We are born with two ears for a reason. We listen with both ears, and differences in hearing in any one of the ears can make the sound appear very disorienting. Our brain has a better time localizing where sound originates from when we treat both ears equally. This means getting hearing aids for both ears can be the best option if you want to get a more balanced, organic hearing experience.

Two hearing aids also give you better chances of following conversations more effectively and hearing better in general. Wearing hearing aids in both ears can help you effectively drown out background noises while enabling you to focus on important conversations.

Nowadays, hearing aids are created so that they work best as a pair. This is because they use artificial intelligence that mimics natural human hearing. There are features that require both hearing aids working in unison in order to function properly.

The most important reason to choose two hearing aids instead of just one is your hearing health. Hearing loss is not something that just goes away, and in fact it tends to worsen with time. By taking care of just one ear through the use of a single hearing aid, you are placing your other ear in jeopardy by exposing it to unnecessary strain. Wearing two hearing aids also helps you combat conditions like tinnitus more effectively while helping you retain the remainder of your hearing as well.

In rare cases, if you find that you have perfect hearing in one of your ears, you may question the need to buy two hearing aids. You can talk to your audiologist about whether in this case, you would be recommended to get two hearing aids or whether you would be better off with just one.

Hearing aids are quite costly and generally beyond the coverage of regular health insurance policies. For those who have monetary constraints, it may be more practical for you to opt for only one hearing aid rather than not getting any treatment for your hearing loss at all! In this case, you can ask your audiologist whether they can set up payment plans to let you purchase two hearing aids for monthly installments that suit your budget.

Wearing two hearing aids gives you a far more natural sense of hearing. Even though you may save on short term costs if you just purchase one hearing aid, but long term, those medical bills may add up as your hearing loss gives rise to other hosts of illnesses.

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